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i wouldn't say that i own that many pair of shoes, but pretty sure others would say i own way too much. thank god it doesn't matter what other think of me, right? :)))

back to the shoes- i've been wearing heels a lot, but needed to stop for a few months, after i've had my surgery back in 2017 (? i think). i think it's called a bunion, but is probs better known as a hallux valgus, that i got rid off, of my left foot.

after that, i've slowly tried to get back in heels & even started to dance again (which didn't work out that time btw, because the pain has been to intense).

ANYWAY - what i've wanted to show u, are my fave pairs of slingback heels!

the slingback heel is probably my fave heel ever. it doesn't hurt, no blisters in sight and i just love the fit of them.

the first pair is from H&M (1-2 seasons old, so sadly they're sold out)

while the heel itself is kinda-shiny black, the slingback and front are suede beige colored.


the second pair is from stradivarius (yes, these are the same, that i also own in neon pink <3)

the heel is also kinda-shiny and the slingback and front are suede black.

tbh i've apparently bought this shoes a size too big, since these do not fit my feet the way the pink one do!

ps. whenever u buy heels - make sure to size up!


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