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HI 2023

hi to u and hi to 2023 :)

this year i really want to share more of my outfits with you (more details to them). it seemed impossible to keep my focus on fashion last year, since a lot of you've been more interested in my shopping addiction and my "net worth", which i understand btw lol.

but that's simply not what i want to focus on this year. i own too many clothes and am doing a way too cool sport besides all of this, to not share it with you.

so this year - is fashion <3 (& dance stuff i guess)

first outfit this year was seen on my instagram

wearing an oversized grey blazer, combined with black see-through tights, white tennis socks with black uggs and a braided-look bag (+ zara bags because i went shopping)


grey oversized blazer: H&M

i'm wearing a size L, found the blazer in store for 27.99€

black see-through tights: H&M

always sizing up for tights btw, this one has a not so noticeable silver glitter detail, 12.99€

tennis socks: H&M

shoes: UGG

the best shoes that i own for the cold weather tbh!

socks gifted from my sister :), uggs 170.00€

bag (gifted): NA-KD (color not available atm)

yes, this one looks kinda like bottega & also yes, the quality is amazing


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