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yes, yes i am always wearing gold details. pretty sure the only silver thingy you will catch on me, are the details of my watch from michael kors

a few years ago i've never spent more than 10€ on jewelry pieces, knowing that i would only wear them 1-2 times

since i've had the opportunity to work with brands like paul valentine and safira, things changed

i still own a lot of jewelry pieces, which quality we do not need to talk about right now

but the pieces that i really am wearing, are currently the ones from paul valentine

their quality is insane and i'm like never taking them off

so in this post, i've wanted to share my fave jewelry at the moment :)

starting with my watch: MICHAEL KORS CHRONOGRAPH RITZ

got this one a few years ago, it's still working and has no defects at all

you can wear it with anything! yes, it's kinda bulky, but it's, what i would call, a statement piece at it's best!

second comes my most expensive jewerly-piece that i own

not wearing it that often at the time, since it's cold outside, and you wouldn't see it under my layers of tops, sweaters and scarfs: APM MONACO LOVE LOCKET CHAIN NECKLACE

the details are made to love and love only, it is kinda heavy, but it doesn't matter, it's love, we all should carry a bit of love with us shouldn't we?

next is a simple gold colored ring: SAFIRA SOFIA RING

it's simple, but it's there - ifykyk :)

now! my fave jewelry brand that i even got to work with last year: PAUL VALENTINE

i own a lot pieces from this brand, but today it's about my fave pieces atm, so here we go <3

i know, i know, I KNOW - every piece above is STUNNING. but the earrings are my forever faves i guess. recently i've got myself the pearl huggies. been in love with them for months!

these are my fave pair of earrings that i ever owned ngl.

items shown are:

SPARKLE RING (sold out)






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